We welcome you to a new revolution in art, expression and fantasy.
The avant-garde gallery presents provoking art in an innovative ambience.  The intimate setting and tantalizing art, stimulates all the senses.

Gallery Provocateur is a not for profit gallery dedicated to promoting the arts and giving back to the art community with a low commission rate and nominal fees. 

As of November 2012, the gallery has recently moved down the street from its location in the Congress Theatre building to a beautiful renovated Art Deco 1920's ballroom complete with its original tin ceiling and mouldings.  


The gallery's mission is to offer opportunities for artists and art enthusiasts, bring art to the masses, promote self-expression and break the negative stereotypes that are so often associated with the arts and figurative work.

Gallery Provocateur exhibits a genre of work influenced by illustration, fantasy, subculture, comic books, pop culture imagery and the feminine mystique. We represent a mix of emerging and career artists with an emphasis on cultivating new talent and creating an environment where artists can further develop their work.  We are a not for profit gallery due to our dissatisfaction with conventional galleries charging high percentages of their artists work, while offering the same in an uninviting, stark environment.  Gallery works exhibited are primarily figurative with a strong composition.

The unconventional approach has helped shape our gallery's commitment to offering our space as one that encourages exploration and offering art forms which are massively underappreciated.

Gallery Provocateur remains focused on maintaining its mission of community, and commitment to providing our artists with a nurturing arena for experimentation and growth.

The gallery is spearheaded by Veronika Kotlajic and partner Simon Lamb.

Opening its doors on March 1st, 2008, Gallery Provocateur was founded by Veronika Kotlajic, also head curator.  Gallery Provocateur, is the newborn gallery for Veronika who was co-founder and curator for Echo Gallery, Chicago from 2001 through 2005.

Veronika Kotlajic who has been a labeled a trailblazer in the art community for over a decade, is a lifelong artist having worked in a myriad of different mediums. Besides being a well respected gallery curator for over a decade, Veronika has amassed numerous accomplishments including head of the couture house Narcisse Designs; an award winning web designer and her modeling work has been featured internationally in hundreds of magazines, galleries and private collections, as well as a published book of her artistic modeling by Heavy Metal Art Magazine.  Her career and academics have given her a uniquely well-rounded understanding of the art world.

  Simon Lamb has amassed countless accolades in both the culinary and art world as a master Chef, Restauranteur, Curator and Event Specialist.  His career has been based on passion: passion for people, passion for art, passion for food, passion for innovation, and passion for creating the ultimate experience for guests.

The Gallery holds 4 rotating exhibitions per year showing the works of both local and international artists.   Submissions are welcome.

To submit work for consideration:
Please email a link to your web site, or jpegs and a resume.
Submission Policy: We always welcome submissions, but digital submissions only. E-mail us images or a website link. If we wish to showcase your artwork we will contact you.

The Board of Trustees includes:
Veronika Kotlajic, Curator, President
Simon D Lamb, Curator/Vice-President
Dena Dovichi
Daniel Kotlajic


1621 N Kedzie
Chicago, IL 60647

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Angel logo image by Artist Christopher Shy

For general inquiries, or to inquire about purchasing works on our web site. please email us at:
info @ galleryprovocateur.org

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Gallery Internships:
Short or long term with flexible hours.
Intern responsibilities include assisting with:
show installations
packaging and shipment of artwork
sales and exhibition projects
mailing and correspondence
everyday gallery duties

To apply or for any inquiries, please contact: info @ galleryprovocateur.org. The subject of the email should be "Internship".