The Art of Simon Bisley

Simon Bisley, world-famous fantasy painter/illustrator, started his career when he signed up with 2000 AD, a British comic book company, where he was assigned "ABC Warriors," "Sláine" and "Judge Dredd." Following his massive success in the U.K., Mr. Bisley American invasion started DC Comics, where he produced award-winning work on "Doom Patrol,"  "Lobo," and fan favorite "Batman vs Judge Dredd." Quickly climbing to the top of the "Best Selling Cover Artist" list, Simon created some of the industry's most memorable, and has collaborated on several major graphic novel projects, such as "Melting Pot," "Death Dealer," "Aliens," "Bad Boy," "Bodycount," "F.A.K.K. 2," and "Jaguar God." Mr. Bisley has also provided character designs and concept art to a wide variety of notable to Hollywood productions, including Stan Winston's "Galaxy Quest" and the "Time Machine" remake.