The Photography of Sita Mae Edwards

Sita Mae Edwards (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

California native Sita Mae Edwards is an internationally published and exhibited photographer.  She has recently participated in several prestigious exhibits, including: The Kinsey Institute’s 2011 Juried Art Show; the annual “Photowork” exhibit, juried by Laura Hinkson, Assistant Curator at the Guggenheim; "Nude Nite" in both Tampa and Orlando; The Dirty Show; and the Professional Women Photographer’s “Contrasts” exhibit in New York City, juried by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Ruth Fremson.   

Additionally, Sita Mae has had two solo shows in 2011, at Ron Jeremy’s Gallery Sesso in Portland, Oregon, and at Gallery 31 Fine Art in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Her work was featured in the January/February 2011 issue of French PHOTO Magazine, as well as two issues of UK’s Filament Magazine – including the January 2011 cover. 

One of the few photographers exhibiting her works almost exclusively on aluminum, her photography has been called “lush,” “fresh,” and “strong” by curators.  Delving into the figurative with both male and female subjects, Sita Mae’s work aims to blur the line between cerebral fine art and visceral erotica.